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PostPosted: Sun Apr 04, 2010 7:19 am 
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The Prince & The Nymph

1 Station ID: Castle BUMPER 0:20
2 #NAME? DJ Fallen Angel 4:25
3 Storybook Love Mark Knopfler 4:23

Once upon a time--for all true stories begin once upon a time--near the Shores of the Caspian Sea, there lived a nymph named Aquata. She was as slender as a rose's stem; as tall as a redwood; and as beautiful as the ocean immediately following a storm. In her eyes--which were an almost unnatural aqua-marine--a man could lose himself for hours at a time and never once think he'd missed anything of importance. Aquata, indeed, was a beautiful creature--and she, of course, was as any other nymph--a deceiver of men.

5 Mysterious Ways KMFDM 3:10
6 Deceiver of Fools Within Temptation 7:37

The King's son, Prince Torgan, lead his knights in a great battle--one in which he remained with only his captain and a few straggling soldiers. Normally, he was a strapping young man--bronzed flesh with hair the color of the sun; eyes like the meadows. He seemed as if he were cut from a rare piece of marble by the most skilled of artists. He was tragically handsome and it was on this night as he road with his other Knights from Cydonia that he uttered a seemingly simple wish.

8 Knights Of Cydonia Muse 6:07
9 The Tragic Prince Symphony of the Night 4:04

The armies of the North were still preparing to attack. He'd been shown mercy--in that he and the handful of men with him were to return to the King and tell him of the power of Einlyn the Terrible. As the few staggered on, Prince Torgan sighed and in his heart, he wished for something--anything--to give him strength and courage to face this battle. In return for such a blessing, he would sacrifice whatever his most prized possession was. The Powers of the Universe heard this his heart's whisper and within moments, they had sent the beautiful Aquata to him. He could hear the lovely voice of the water nymph beckoning him to her. He broke from his men and sought out the maiden who called to him for help. There was a moment when each was lost in the others' eyes.

11 Nymphenzeit In Extremo 4:03
12 Come to Me (Song of the Water Nymph) Inkubus Sukkubus 6:14
13 Nymphomaniac Fantasia Nightwish 4:47

In a moment of enraptured splendor, the pair ripped the clothing from the other's body, uniting themselves in love's embrace and consummating a relationship they were quite certain would endure. Naked, the pair lifted their voices in praise of the other to the stars above. Torgan's men grinned each to the other and continued for their home. As the night moved forward, Torgan swore that he'd known Aquata for years, despite having met her only hours--or were those minutes--prior. Passion overtook them yet again and they returned to the others' embrace. Torgan did not want the night to end.

16 Naked (Tricky Tick Remix By Clear Vision) Assemblage 23 6:05
17 Naked Avril Lavigne 3:31
18 Whoever Brings The Night Nightwish 4:18
19 Controversy Prince 7:16

As the last notes of their passion faded, Aquata shivered lightly and moved closer to Torgan. Torgan sniffed the air. What once was seasoned with the scent of salt and sex was now seasoned with the scent of silence. Sitting slowly, he looked around to discover the picturesque scene had dissolved to a cemetery. Startled, he nudged Aquata who slowly lifted herself onto her elbow and peered over his shoulder. Standing before them was a singular figure, shrouded in black and shadow. A deep, robust laugh began somewhere in his stomach and clawed its way to his throat. That laugh, coupled with the whip crack, seemed to summon forth many more shadows.

21 Pantera / Cemetery Gates (Demon Knight Edit) Various 5:47
22 Demonoid Phenomenon (Sin Lives Mix) Rob Zombie 4:36
23 The Demon's Whip Manowar 7:51
24 Demon Seed Nine Inch Nails 4:59

It was then that Torgan swore he heard his name uttered, along with a challenge. The passion and greed of this, his new Master needed to be squelched. There was no way that Torgan would willingly give Aquata to such a vile creature. Kill him or lose Aquata. Torgan slowly began to realize his damnable plight.

26 Zero X Endless Challenge (Mute City) F 3:17
27 Master Passion Greed Nightwish 6:03
28 Passion's Killing Floor HIM 5:14
29 Kakani's Cape Station ID 0:39
30 Introduction Of The Damned Panzer AG 1:41

Murder. Plain and simple. Someone would die that night--the question was whom. Still, Torgan remained fearless and stood to his feet, ready to engage in the Battle of Destiny. At the end of it all, one would be singing diadems to whatever power he served.

32 Ministry / Tonight We Murder Various 3:56
33 Fearless VNV Nation 6:16
34 Battlefield Panzer AG 5:00
35 Megadeth / Diadems Various 3:55

Victory was Torgan's! he thought....

37 Vittoria! (Aida 2002) Opera Babes 3:25
38 A Small Victory Faith No More 4:57
39 When Death Embraces Me Panzer AG 4:44
40 Everything You Ever Neil Patrick Harris 3:36

As Aquata's lusterless eyes stared up at Torgan, blood wept from her mouth. He could not bear the thought of continuing without her. His misery was too great. He was lost in despair! But, it was then that he'd remembered his wish--to face the great battle and be victorious. And the consequence: Sacrificing whatever he held most dear. He would continually lie by her side, forever stretched upon her grave.

42 Machine Head / My Misery (Demon Knight) Various 4:28
43 Lost In Despair Ensiferum 5:38
44 I Am Stretched On Your Grave Abney Park 4:32
45 Buttons Backing Track 3:52
46 Evil Angel Breaking Benjamin 3:39

Love & Celestial Kisses,


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