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A Mad Tea Party
Starts Friday, May 15th 9:00 PM EST
Ends Saturday, May 16th 12:00 AM EST
Don't be late! Make sure to save the date! No time to give full details now, so just sit tight and wait!

Take a trip down the rabbit hole and celebrate 8 years of Celestial Kisses with DJ Angel! May 15, beginning at 9pm, ET! Don't miss it, or the Red Queen will seek your head!
Starts Friday, June 19th 6:00 PM EST
Ends Saturday, June 20th 12:00 AM EST
XI. A celebration. Stay tuned for more information.
Starts Sunday, June 21st 6:00 PM EST
Ends Monday, June 22nd 12:00 AM EST
XI. A celebration, continued. Stay tuned for more information.
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