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Degeneration X
Starts Wednesday, May 11th 10:00 PM EST
Ends Thursday, May 12th 1:00 AM EST
Join DJ Shecky in Paragon Chat's Pocket D and our IRC channel on Wednesday, May 11th, starting at 10pm ET as he celebrates his 10th year anniversary of DJing for The Cape Radio!
Paragon Chat Pocket D
DJ Judge Interviews Eric Fairchild
Starts Sunday, May 15th 12:00 PM EST
Ends Sunday, May 15th 3:00 PM EST
Be sure to tune in as DJ Judge airs an interview with musician Eric Fairchild during his show Songs from the Storm Palace, on Sunday, May 15th between noon and 3pm Eastern!
Dawncon II
Starts Saturday, July 23rd 5:00 PM EST
Ends Saturday, July 23rd 11:00 PM EST
Join Paragon Dawn in Champions HQ for DawnCon II, A comic convention-style event celebrating all comics, gaming, anime and cartoons. On the same weekend as the San Diego comic con, DawnCon II brings the comic con feel without hotels and ten dollar soft drinks. Guests from last year will join us as well as new guests spanning the areas in question. DJ Steel will be your MC during the last hours of the event, but please tune in to the Cape and drop by DawnCon II whenever you can!
Champions Online Champions HQ
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