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A Millennium City Halloween Eve
Starts Thursday, October 30th 7:00 PM EST
Ends Thursday, October 30th 10:00 PM EST
It's official! DJ Exelion will host a show in Millennium City's Ren Center Blimp, in Champions Online, on the night before Halloween. Expect a lot of goth and supernatural themes! The party will start at his regular time of 7 PM and run until Valor picks up at 10 PM. Come as you are, or in your best costume! Everyone is welcome, from the undead and shape-changers to costumed heroes and holiday stalwarts.
Champions Online Ren Center Blimp
Underwear Party X
Starts Friday, November 7th 9:00 PM EST
Ends Saturday, November 8th 3:00 AM EST
Back by popular demand, it's the 10th installment of The Cape's Underwear Party, hosted by Attercap! The party will take place in Champions Online's Renaissance Center Blimp (instance TBD) or you can join us in the IRC channel and tell us what you're wearing. Expect immature behavior in a show for mature audiences only!
Champions Online Ren Center Blimp
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