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Battle of the Wildlife: DJ Ranger vs. DJ Angel
Starts Friday, August 8th 6:00 PM EST
Ends Saturday, August 9th 12:00 AM EST
It was going to happen eventually. The Stabbings from Angel. The Cheekiness from Ranger. Two DJs, Facing off across the airwaves for your listening and musical entertainment.

DJ Angel vs DJ Ranger in the Battle for the Wildlife. This battle will be one for the ages, and The Cape will give you ringside audio, so get ready to Rumble!
CapeCon 2014
Starts Friday, August 29th 12:00 AM EST
Ends Monday, September 1st 12:00 AM EST
No virtual locations here, this a real meet-up for real folks--it's time for CapeCon 2014! Be sure to visit the CapeCon official thread for all details and updates. There's also a "what do you want to do?" thread to view some of overall suggestions and optional activities for the gathering. Saddle up them spurs!
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