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About Us

The Cape Radio is a player-run radio station dedicated to fostering a community of online gamers through our IRC channel, forums, and Steam group and the many and varied multiplay online games throughout the Internet.

In early 2004, The Cape began broadcasting, supporting the Virtue server in City of Heroes. For over eight years, we not only played music, but also provided advertising for Supergroups, organized live get-togethers, and worked with charity organizations like Real World Hero.

While City of Heroes sunsetted in late 2012, we looked to continue serving the public. In the ever-changing world of MMOs, we decided to expand beyond a single game and accomodate all manner of online gaming, while narrowing our focus to the community of "Capesters," our listeners and staff that have kept us going since the start of this station.

From live DJs to Events, to real life get-togethers and charities, The Cape has your back!
No matter the game, The Cape's got your back.

You can tune in by pointing your media player to If you have any questions or problems, please fill out our contact form and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible. Or, contact The Cape's webmaster: Attercap; his details can be found on our Staff page.

While you're here, please feel free to browse the site--check out the Staff page to learn about our DJs, or the Schedule page to see who is on next. You can also check out our IRC channel and our forums to say hello. Just remember... You're not SUPER until you put on THE CAPE!

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