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PostPosted: Thu May 14, 2009 5:40 pm 
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CapeRadio Global channel and Forum
Listener Policies

Forum Registration

Registration is a fast and easy process, and is required in order to post. It is not required to simply view most forums. Any personal information you provide in your profile that isn’t set to be publicly viewable will be kept confidential.

Forum usernames

In order to cut down on confusion, only Cape staffers may use the abbreviation “DJ” in their forum names. If you register a username which includes “DJ,” we will remove that designation from your name and notify you via your registered e-mail address.

Please avoid using swear words or obviously offensive words in your username.


We wish to keep both the [CapeRadio] global channel and our Cape forums welcoming and enjoyable for listeners and staff alike. To that end, everyone who is a member of the channel and/or the forum needs to abide by the following rules. All of these rules can be boiled down into two fundamental concepts: Respect for others, and self-control.

1. Respect your fellow players. No personal attacks, name-calling or insults. Disagree agreeably.

2. Respect the staff. If you are not enjoying a DJ's show, you can turn it off. At any given time there will be X number of people who are enjoying it, and Y number of people who are not. Neither group is wrong. Also, see No. 6.

3. Resolve your disputes with other players in private. Take it to /tells or private messages. [CapeRadio] and our forums are supposed to be as stress- and drama-free as possible.

4. If that doesn't work, talk privately to a staffer. If it is a purely personal matter, however, that's not our purview. You'll have to work it out yourself.

5. Resolve your disputes with staffers in private. If you do not agree with how a staffer has moderated a dispute, abide by the staffer's directions, and speak to them in private. If you are not satisfied with outcome of that discussion, continue to follow the staffer’s directions, and speak with management at the earliest opportunity. Management will review the incident and, if deemed necessary, take action.

6. Listen to what the staff tells you. We take a light hand in moderating the channel and the forum, but if one of us asks you to stop a particular line of conversation or type of behavior, you need to stop. Here are the steps we will typically take, in order. This can vary on a case-by-case basis:

- 1. You will be given a polite warning.
- 2. You will be given a firm warning and/or put on probation.
- 3. You will be silenced/have your posting privileges revoked.
- 4. You will be kicked from the channel/banned from the forum, probably permanently.

7. Understand that mature topics are a part of life. Inevitably, certain things will offend certain people. If the moderators do not say anything and you are offended, talk privately to the person who made the offending comment. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, talk privately to a staffer.

8. To the roleplayers: Our [CapeRadio] global channels are intended for OOC chat only. Anything said in the global channel should not be taken ICly.

9. And now, the standard disclaimer: The Cape staff reserves the right to silence, kick or ban players for any reason.

CapeRadio is our home. We have invited you into it. Please follow these simple guidelines and help our home be a place of fun, enjoyment, and entertainment -- the way it is intended to be. Thank you for listening and, as always, thank you for choosing The Cape!


We welcome your questions or concerns. Please feel free to contact one or both of the following:

DJ Templar, Owner:
DJ Angel, Manager:
Attercap, Assistant Manager:


DJ Templar - Station Owner
Gmail: | Discord: adobetemplar#0227

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