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PostPosted: Thu May 31, 2018 5:38 am 
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Well I promised a report on my misadventures at MegaCon and after a few days to take everything in here it is. Overall the convention was a great experience as it has been. Otherwise, I keep going for the past 13 years or so… I’ve lost count on the exact number. There were a few complaints this year, which usually are the common ones. The biggest issue this year was there were little to no announcements on anything. People didn’t know when and where panels, photo shoots or special signings were happening. Normally every year they hand out a booklet with a map and scheduled events. This year you pretty much had to hunt down both yourself. It just made things a bit chaotic, but not enough to ruin anything. Now , to the main events of the day… Starting with my adventures on Saturday.

One of the first things I managed to do was find the fantastic artist David Nakayama. This was a big deal for several reasons, not only did he do great cover art for many of Marvel’s , right now but David was one of the major artists involved with City of Heroes. A game that is very near and dear to my heart, as well as many of you. I, of course, got him to sign the very rare and elusive City of Heroes/Villains artbook which he was more than happy too. We also chatted about City of Heroes for a while. I would go back to his table later to pick up a sweet picture he did of the X-men based on their infamous 90s look and the greatest X-men cartoon of all time. He would also do something special for me in honor of the Cape Radio, which I got him to do Sunday. I linked it earlier this week.

Second on my list of goals was I got another signature added to my copy of Firefly with the lovely Jewel Staite. Who is very beautiful and talented and yes I might have a crush on. She was so nice and fun to be around, she even took a selfie with me… one of the only ones I’ve ever done. We talk a bit, she mentioned 2 secret projects she is working on and even she has no idea what happened to the Firefly game being worked on past all the voice work the entire cast did.

It should also be mentioned why waiting in line for Jewel, her signing area was next to John Cena. Now why I didn’t take a picture like I should have, nor did I actually meet him in person it was very cool to see him. A funny note someone outside of the line pulled out a trumpet and started playing his theme song, then went over to Jim Goldblum’s booth and played the Jurassic Park theme. Sadly, another person I’d have loved to see but the lines were just to long.

After that I managed to meet up with my friend Danny and his family as well as another friend of mine James. Now we didn’t hang out as much but it still great to see friends and remember that this is one of our yearly traditions we look forward to.

I than went on a quest to get some of my comics signed. Now my main goal was to get to meet Jim Lee, one of my all-time favorite artist and the man who helped make the X-men even more popular in the 90s. That never happened, by the time I found his table he wasn’t there, by the time I found his signing booth, it was like a 4-hour wait. I tried to wait till he died down and he had already left because his hand was hurting and he never came back Sunday. So I was pretty bummed about that.

But… I did get to meet the master of EXTREME and pouches. The one and only Rob Leifeld. The man who created Deadpool and Cable and the some of the craziest stuff of the 90s. While yes a lot of his art is pretty bad, the man was very cool. He signed my copy of New Mutants 87, the first appearance of Cable… a comic I didn’t even know I had in my collection. Sadly it’s a second print of the issue but still worth something now that it’s signed.

After that I got to meet and get a bunch of comic signed by Andy Kubert. Who along with his brother Adam did a lot of artwork for the X-men and Wolverine including some of my all-time favorite storylines, including the Age of Apocalypse and the Onslaught Saga. Andy also signed my complete collection of Wolverine’s Origin. Sadly, his brother was at MegaCon last year but I missed him. He was still very cool. That about did it for Saturday besides some window shopping.

On Sunday it was a more relaxing day. I took a lot of pictures, bought some stuff. Trying to complete some goals I didn’t do on Sat. One of the first things I did out of curiosity was check out the line for Jason Mamoa… who was meant to be there Sat as well, but canceled to just Sunday last minute. Yeah… his line was insane at 10am when the Con open, I think worst then even lines I’ve seen for Stan Lee.

Anyway besides that I really just hung around took pictures and enjoyed myself. Now I do admit I was tempted to go the Elijah Wood’s booth and do my Gollum voice… but I didn’t. Now I regret it. :P

Then came the moment that I’m still trying to process, a moment where Hell might have really frozen over. As some of you know the last several MegaCon’s I’ve tried my hand at Speed Dating with little to no results. This year was different, At first, I was bummed because I only got one number, but I took a chance and texted the number right away. During that time, I had two other numbers text me from girls that I had left my number on their sheets. Yes… I had 3 women who I know little to nothing about texting me. Sadly, it already appears one of them isn’t going to work at all, but I won’t get into details here but still. Two of them I’ve spent the last few days texting and learning about. They are all Florida, so many something good will happen. I still have a few worries and doubts by hey it’s a step in the right direction.

Anyway now that I’ve written a book, this has been my adventure in MegaCon 2018. What will be in store next year… I can’t wait to find out.


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