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PostPosted: Sat Aug 25, 2007 8:06 pm 
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Event Requests FAQ
How to get The Cape to cover your event

Welcome to The Cape Radio! We're so glad you've joined us as a listener and a member of our community. If you're here, you're probably interested in learning how to get The Cape to provide live music for your event. Read on!


The Cape provides live music for several types of events: Specialty shows, Group events, Player Vs. Player events, and Roleplaying events.

Specialty Shows
These shows are designed to showcase a specific type of music, or to mirror an event that is occurring in real life (summer concert tour, benefit concert, etc). These events are typically requested by a single listener, who works closely with a DJ to schedule and plan the event.

Group Events
These shows are often for celebrating a milestone in the group's history (reaching the Top 10 on Ebon Hawk, 5 year anniversary, etc) or for recruiting new members. These events are often held in the group's base of operations (be it a Stronghold, Guildhouse, or popular gathering spot), and require a significant amount of planning on the group's part.

PVP Events
These shows are centered around player-vs-player combat in some manner (battle zones, war games), and often have a roleplaying component. These events require significant coordination between the DJ and the requester. Additionally, these types of events are monitored carefully to ensure attendance is not an issue.

RP Events
These are the most requested shows that The Cape supports. They can range from an RP or RPVP event (a kidnapping, a holiday event) to an in-character celebration (weddings are the most common). These events run most smoothly when the requester has significant support from his or her SG/VG and there is constant communication with the DJ.

Some things you should consider as you plan your event.

Blackout Dates
The Cape reserves the right to restrict some dates for Cape-sponsored events. This may include Cape Anniversary shows, EROS and SORE, and other Cape-developed events. Where possible, we will publish these dates in advance so that event requesters may plan accordingly.

Event Location
Game Choice

Be sure to consider which section of the population you will be targeting when you begin to plan your event. If you hold the event in a Steam-only game, for instance, some listeners may not be able to attend because they do not own the game. Also, if you choose a game such as SWtOR or WoW, you must consider which faction you wish to address. There are several co-op zones in those games that you might want to consider, although they often have level restrictions (see below).

Level-restricted Zones
Often, an event planner wants to use a specific backdrop for his or her event. This may mean that the event needs to take place in Vibora Bay, Nar Shaddaa, or another level-restricted area. This will exclude those characters that are not the appropriate level, or do not have the travel ability to that zone.

Guildhalls & Strongholds (and Other Bases)
When it comes to group events, often the best place to hold them is right in your own area. Be aware though, that you will need to have enough group members on hand to accommodate all attendees, especially if they are not already members of the group. Also remember that many guildhalls, strongholds, fleet ships, etc, are not cross-faction.

Random Passers-by
If you are holding your event in a public place, be prepared to have some people wander by and ask what's going on. The Cape recommends that the event organizer designate a person or persons to answer questions about the event.

The Cape does not have a special arrangement with the Devs of any game, and it is not up to us whether one of their staff attends. If one or more of them do attend, be friendly and grateful.

The Cape will make every effort to accommodate the request for a specific DJ. However, The Cape cannot guarantee any DJ's availability. More often than not, special events take place during regularly scheduled Cape shows. The DJ(s) who cover the requested timeslot(s) have priority for event coverage selection. Check our Schedule to see who normally covers the timeslot you are requesting for your event.

Holiday Events
Every year there are some holidays that generate a lot of event requests. In order to avoid DJ burnout and listener overload, The Cape reserves the right to cap the number of holiday events at between 4 and 5 for a given month. For instance, Halloween is a very popular holiday. The Cape will review the event requests in the order in which they are received. If we reach 4 events, we will post in the Events Requests forum that we will be unable to support any additional Halloween events. Event requesters are encouraged to collaborate with other groups to consolidate the number of events and to better support The Cape community.

The following things are those the event requester needs to ensure are completed.

Date/Time Selection
There are three things for you to check when you are planning your event: the Events Request thread, the Upcoming Events thread, and the Schedule. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure the timeslot you are requesting does not conflict with another event. The Cape recommends selecting an existing show timeslot - those are the easiest to schedule.
The Cape requires TWO WEEKS advance notice of an event. This means you must submit your request by 11:59pm Eastern two weeks before your requested date. Event requests that are submitted with less than two weeks notice will be declined.

Contact Information

It is vitally important that the Event Coordinator and the selected DJ be able to get in touch with the event requester. It is YOUR responsibility to provide a valid email address as part of your event request (the form can be found at the end of this post). Any questions or discussion about the event will be conducted via email or PMs on The Cape's forums. DO NOT rely on in-game email or tells to coordinate your event.

Once you have received confirmation that The Cape will be able to support your event (AND NOT BEFORE), you are responsible for advertising. This may include posting the event description to the official game boards, to the group boards, or creating flyers. Flyers require Cape approval - simply post your suggested design in the event thread for feedback. If you wish for The Cape to use your banner on our front page, please make sure it complies with our requirements of 610x410.

Song Requests
If your event will feature specific theme songs, special group anthems, or similar content, you must provide the list of requested songs to the Event DJ ONE WEEK before the event. This allows the DJ adequate time to obtain any songs that are not already in their library. Requests received after this deadline will be filled at the DJ's discretion. If you do not have any specific song requests, then we encourage submitting styles or themes of music you'd like your event to contain (beach music, classical, songs about candy, etc). The Cape highly recommends reviewing DJ libraries before requesting a DJ for your event.

Things that The Cape will handle, from confirming an event to announcing it.

It is the responsibility of the Event Coordinator or designated representative to review the event request and coordinate DJ schedules in support of the event. This can take time, so we ask for your patience. It is also why we require two weeks notice.
The Cape recommends that you review our schedule to make sure your event request does not overlap two regularly-scheduled shows. If you select a time that does overlap two shows, we may request that the event start or end time shift to be fully in the regular show slot.

If The Cape already has an event scheduled during your requested time, we will work with you to reschedule your event. Cape-planned events take precedence.

Once your event has been confirmed, The Cape will post information about the event in the Cape forums and on the front page; and The Cape DJs will also announce upcoming events during their shows.

Once your event has been confirmed, the assigned DJ will work closely with the event requester to prepare the playlist and accommodate requests. It is the responsibility of the DJ to screen songs in advance and ensure that appropriate disclaimers are played as needed. The DJ will also work with the event requester to be prepared to support requests during the event, as needed.

The Cape reserves the right to refuse an event for any reason and without explanation. If you have any questions about this or any Cape Event policy, please speak with the Cape's Manager: DJ Angel or the Assistant Manager: Attercap.


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PostPosted: Tue Oct 20, 2009 8:28 pm 

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1. Name: The event's name. Generally, the shorter, the better.

2. Description: What is the theme? Is it to promote an group? An RP event?

3. Date: The day and date you'd like the event to happen.

4. Time: The times you'd like the event to start and end (ALL TIMES SHOULD BE EASTERN). Be as specific as possible. "6-10 p.m." is preferable to "4 or 5-ish to whenever."

5. Location: The venue you have chosen for the event.

6. Requested DJ(s): DJ(s) you'd like to have broadcasting during your event, if you have specific preferences.

7. Musical styles: Whether you'd like any specific music to be played. This may impact which DJs are available, depending on their respective music libraries.

8. Contests/Competitions: Whether or not you intend to have any contests during your event, and if so, what sort. The Cape cannot provide in-game currency, enhancements, gear, or other awards. Those must be provided by the Event Organizer or his/her group.

9. Contact information: The Event Requester. Please provide a secondary contact as well. The requester must register on The Cape forums, and provide a valid e-mail address and game or IRC handle.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 18, 2011 1:07 am 
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In order to accommodate our recent design changes, all event "banners" must be 610x410 (w by h in pixels). We're happy to help you crop and manipulate your graphics or suggest any changes to help fit our newly introduced standards.

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