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PostPosted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 3:01 am 
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The subject says it all, a Fantasy House Party at Bounty Lass' place.

Location: CoH: Homecoming - Everlasting Server, personal base.
Base passcode: WELCOME-7727 through the Ateph Portal for Bounty Lass' aka Karin O'Rhea's place.
Preferred DJ: One Hit Wonder, but, since Tahq is coming back on this day, he is welcome to take over :).
Theme: Fantasy Costume, be ya any of the Fair Folk, Knight's, Samurai, or just out for some fun put on whatever type of fantasy look you want, Karin will be in a Bunny Suit herself, and a lot of the Rogue Entertainment folks might be coming out to enjoy the party.
Rules: Clean up your own mess, and get your own drinks from the bar or the kitchenette lol. Also, stay in the open area's, but you can always bring a swimsuit as well to go hang out in the hot tub's in the bathroom.
Music Type: Any and all, preferably rock music, some Billy Idol, Queen, and Definitely some Celtic Rock, Karin is Irish after all. Also, anything Final Fantasy related, or related to anything fantasy is perfectly welcome. Personally, I have a bit of a fondness for some of the music in FFVIII, which I only recently beat lol.
Date: Saturday, October 12th, 8pm Eastern and going until the DJ is ready to pass out or everyone leaves.
Events: None planned, but, I might give out a bit of Inf if I really like what you put together, bonus points for characters dressed like some of the great Celtic Heroes of Lore or characters from the Fate/Stay Night series, could be any of the different parts of the Series.

The Only truth lies within the limits of your imagination.

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