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Prologue: The Great Escape

It was another boring patrol of the lab, guard Simpson thought as we walked the corridor. Everything was quiet. The researchers in there lab coats were going about their projects. The equipment emitted a faint hum that was omnipresent. His shift was only halfway done, and he could feel the hours dragging. He tossed his baton idly and sighed. At least Crey paid well. His thoughts drifted to the experiments and live subjects in the lower levels. He had no idea what the scientists did down there, and he figured it was better that way. Some of that shit was true nightmare fuel. His com crackled to life, “All units on main level, reports of possible intruders. Investigate and report in.” Well, so much for being bored. Simpson hurried toward the entrance. As he neared he heard the distinct sounds of a fight. Crey standard armaments replied to the freem of some super’s powers. Then he felt the whole hallway vibrate and the lights went out. A static-y voice came over the com, “Oh god, they’re on the lower levels! They hit the generators!”


I had no idea how long I’d been in this cell. The fucking faceless lab coats never talked to me. Time has no meaning when you can’t see the sun. It was an endless cycle. Open the door, take me to be poked and prodded, back in the cage I go. Sometimes I glimpse people who aren’t in lab coats. They look like they’re wearing some sort power armor, but I can never get a good look. They must be security. What sort of lab needs power armored security guards? Occasionally I can hear the others. The lab coats don’t take us out at the same time, but I know I’m not the only one kept here… wherever here is. Some of them sound more animal than human. Worse than the pain is the void in my head. I can’t remember a time before this place. I can’t remember friends, family, enemies, anything. I don’t remember my name. The lab coats refer to me as test subject #763, and only to each other. My head is anything but empty, though. Thoughts of designs and formulas constantly vie for my silent attention. Sometimes it overwhelms me. I don’t know how or why I know all of this, though. I don’t think the lab coats put it there, but there’s no way to be sure.

I hear the locks on my cell’s door click open. Oh joy, time for more pain in the name of science! The faceless drone roughly guides me down a hallway and into a room. It’s empty save for him, myself, and a very unpleasant looking chair. He’s pushing me toward it when the when the whole room vibrates with a deep rumble. The faceless lab tech looks around, and I just react. It’s a momentary distraction, but just enough. I wheel around and kick him between the legs. The precious seconds that buys me are enough to move behind him and put him in a choke hold. How the fuck do I know what a choke hold is? No time to ponder memory gaps. I squeeze with all of my strength as he struggles. Fuck my arms are weak. He almost breaks free, but after what feels like an eternity he finally slumps. I stand there a moment, panting from the exertion. The room lights are dead and only the emergency lighting from the hall dimly illuminates the room. Steadying myself, I pear around the door. I can hear sounds of fighting coming from the left. I head towards it anyway. In my current state I’m no match for anyone prepared for confrontation, but if that’s where the assault is coming from, so is the entrance the assailants made. Their entrance, my exit.

Where are we going, and why am I in this handbasket?

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