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PostPosted: Thu Dec 31, 2009 4:33 am 
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The Cape Radio Production Assistance Team
(effective July 1, 2015)

The Cape Radio is proud to announce The Cape Radio Street Team is changing names! Because we've gone game agnostic, some of what The Street Team used to do, is no longer applicable. Beginning July 1, 2015, The Street Team will become The Cape's Production Assistance Team. If you’ve ever wanted to take a more active role in the Cape community this is your chance to pitch in and help. We are currently accepting applications from interested listeners who want to help out behind the scenes to help grow our community and develop budding talents and skills.

If you think that you can help with any of the following then please consider applying:

*Creating event fliers
*Recording voice clips for ads and bumpers
*Writing scripts
*Assisting with events
*Or any number of other things

The pay sucks, but the benefits to everyone are tremendous!

A few things to consider:

Since you will be representing The Cape as a member of the Production Team, you will be expected to act responsibly at all times and treat staff, listeners, and indeed the entire Cape community as if you were the only person from The Cape that they will ever meet. Many times the only impression of The Cape that a person will have is that of the first member that they meet. If your actions reflect poorly on The Cape they might never give us a second chance. We will be very strict with enforcing this.

Each member of the Street Team is expected to remain active. As a member you choose what you are willing to help with and when you are available, but it benefits no one to have you join us and then never participate.

If you sign up to do something then we will assume that you will do it. If you find that you cannot meet a commitment it will be your responsibility to notify management as soon as possible.

Each event will have one person “in charge.” (usually this will be DJ Angel or the Event DJ) If you are working an event you will be reporting to and taking direction from this individual. They may in turn ask you to help a Cape staff member or even a representative from the organization hosting the event. This includes any planning sessions and rehearsals.

The Cape Radio Production Assistance Team FAQ
(this is not an all inclusive list so if it’s not covered here please ask)

Q: What is the Production Assistance Team?
A: The Cape Radio Production Assistance Team is a community of listeners who work together to enhance the Cape Radio experience for everyone.

Q: Can anyone join?
A: No. There is an application process and every prospective member is dealt with personally.

Q: If I prove myself on the PA Team, can I advance to being a DJ?
A: Working as a member of the PA Team is no guarantee that you will be selected to be an on-air DJ. The activities that you will perform as a member of the PA Team are common activities for all of the Cape Radio DJs so your performance as a member of the Team is an opportunity for our management to assess how you might perform these same duties in the future; however, this is only a portion of what it takes to be a successful DJ. The current selection process will remain unchanged.

Q: Who is running the PA Team?
A: The director of the PA Team is currently DJ Angel. As a member of the Team you will
be working closely with the DJs and staff of The Cape, but ultimately you will be reporting directly to the Production Assistance Team director.

Q: How will I know what to do?
A: When you are assigned to a project the scope of your duties and your authority will be clearly communicated to you by the director. During the course of that project you will receive direction directly from whoever is coordinating that project. As with anything, if you aren’t sure that you fully understand please ask.

Q: If the director is not around whom do I talk to?
A: Your first point of contact is DJ Angel. If she's unavailable, then speak to the DJ for the event you've volunteered for or have been assigned. If neither are available and the issue is urgent, get in contact with Attercap or another DJ and ask them what to do. The DJs have Angel's number; they are able to text her, as needed.

Q: What do I do between projects?
A: Between projects you are a valued listener. If a DJ requests your assistance you are welcome to assist that DJ, but you are not required to. If you come up with a wonderful idea please pass it along to the any of the DJs. Otherwise just relax and be yourself, but remember that as a member of the PA Team your actions do reflect on The Cape, for better or for worse, even when you’re not “on duty.”

Q: I want to help out, but I don’t think I can work with (whomever). What do I do?
A: One of the primary aspects of being part of a team is working with people professionally who you might not care to associate with personally. We require that every member of the PA Team conduct themselves professionally with all of the staff and listeners regardless of personal feelings about that individual. That being said if you have a personal issue with any member of the staff that you have been unable to resolve yourself please discuss the issue with the Station Manager or the Assistant Manager. All we ask is that you at least make the attempt to resolve the situation yourself before escalating it to management.

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