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City of Heroes Audio

In the eight years supporting the Virtue community of City of Heroes, The Cape produced a multitude of audio files. Some were made available to the public, while many stayed behind "locked doors." In honor of the game's sunsetting, we've compiled 283 files of Public Service Announcementments, commercials, DJ bumpers and much more. All here, all for you. Also, don't forget to check out some of our larger, multi-file productions: Purple Passion and On Melodious Wings.

Commercials: Locations
Black Scorpion's Black Market
Cookes Electronics
Ghost Widow's Salon and Day Spa
Pandora's Box

Commercials: Services
Call Tree of Thorns
Chris Jenkins and Associates
Isaac Academy
Knives of Artemis
Nemesis Automaton-O-Matic
Submariner Janus
Rikti Anti-Defamation League
Rogue Islands Pet Shelter
Shady Valley Boys Home

Commercials: TV & Entertainment
Anatomically Yours
Capes TV Show
The Bloody Bay Hillbillies
Frosty's Revenge IV
Jim Laden and Matey - Pirate Foreclosures
Love Is a Many Tentacled Thing
Mom, I Married a Mastermind
Pocket D: The Musical

Commercials: Food & Drink
The Cape Bacon Burger
CataTonic Coolers
Crey Power Cola
El Super Mexicano
El Supernatural Mexicano
Hyperfuel 3000
Paragon Pizza
Port Oakes Pork Oats
Red Beast Energy Drink
Vahzilok Burger
Vahzilok Burger's Expanded Menu

Commercials: EROS & SORE-themed
Cap Au Diable Couples Counseling
Cooperative League of Independent Tailors
Founders Flowers
Glenda is Popular
Lovely Linda
Renaissance Roguewear
Resurgence Body Wash
Rita Mayfield
Serafina Serendipity Serum
Trina the Body Sculptress

Weather Reports
Mercy Island

Cape Event Production Labs
Contest Idea Testing
Event Day
The Forums
The Planning Cycle

Supergroup Ads
American Legion
Another World
Army of Freedom
As Seen On TV
Babes Gone Bad
Cerulean Legion
The Chantry
Chaos Syndicate
Children of Egypt
Cyber Dominion Industries
Da Corleones
Dawn Patrol
Entropy Legion
The Eternals
Fennec Enterprises
Freedom Factor
Galacto Guard (Original)
Galacto Guard (Updated)
Hero Dawn
Justice Girls
Justice Guard
The Kaotix
Kindred Nocturnis
Lambda Alpha Epsilon
League of Justice
League of Justice (A Modern League)
Mountebank Asylum
NeXt Gen
Nocturne Division
Nova Watch
Paragonian Knights
SDI Wolfcry Division
Sons of Midnight
Sushi Schoolgirl Squad
Technocratic Union
The Violators
Virtue's Newb Academy
Youth League

DJ Show Bumpers
DJ Angel - Celstial Kisses
Attercap on Monday (Wilco version)
Attercap on Monday (Low and Slow version)
Attercap on Wednesday
DJ Cozmic
DJ Cybrid - Dystopia
DJ Cyclos
DJ Enigma - Club Interude
DJ Laertes - Audio Eclectica
DJ Leysha - Danse Macabre
DJ Logos - Crossing the Streams
DJ Pheonyx - Pyrotechnyx
DJ Pyrria - Late Night
Rain Fox - The Fox's Den
DJ Shecky - Degeneration
DJ Shecky - Underground
DJ Steel
DJ Templar - Audio Debris
Wild Muse - The Music Box

Event Bumpers
2XXP Music and Madness
2XXP Music and Madness (Alternate Version)
Big Beach Blanket Bonanza Blowout 2006
Big Beach Blanket Bonanza Blowout 2007
Big Beach Blanket Bonanza Blowout 2009
Big Beach Blanket Bonanza Blowout 2011
Christmas Eve With DJ Cyclos
DJ Enigma's Dementiaplex Anniversary
DJ Enigma's Accelerator
EROS 2008
Friday Night Fights #1
Friday Night Fights #2
Friday Night Fights #3
Fantasy Faire 2010
Holiday Blitz 2006
Holiday Specials and Leftovers
Real World Hero 2010
Real World Hero 2011
Robotica 2009
Savage 2010
SORE 2008
Virtue Recruitment Drive 2007

Station Bumpers
Super ID
City of Heroes
City of Villains
The Cape Will Rock You
Coz Interrupts
Mancrush Visitation

Public Service Announcements
Begging for Influence
Cleaning your Cockles
Gender Identification
Passive Aggressive Behavior
The Shift Key
Three Letter Words
Real World Hero
Hamigoo: I Learned It By Watching You
Superadyne: Your DJ on Superadyne
2XXP: Breaks
2XXP: Eat
2XXP: Sleep
2XXP: Water

Staff Station IDs
DJ Templar
DJ Templar (Groove Armada)
DJ Angel
DJ Aerial
Attercap (with a Swing)
DJ Cozmic
DJ Cozmic (Muskrat Love)
DJ Cozmic (Rhinoceros)
DJ Cyclos
DJ Enigma (Talos Tickle)
DJ Enigma (Ouroboros Radio)
DJ Laertes
DJ Pheonyx
Kai (0ld Sk00l)
Rain Fox
Rain Fox (Double Version)
DJ Shecky
DJ Shecky (Rock & Roll)
DJ Vangelus
DJ Winter

Paragon Studios and Celebrity Station IDs
Super ID - Parade of Devs
Back Alley Brawler
David Nakayama
Commandar Shepard (Mark Meer)

Listener Station IDs
J Love
Obsidian Dreams
Stilletto X-5a

Event Intros and Audio
Big Beach Blanket Bonanza Blowout 2009 - Pork Oats Outtake
EROS DJ Backtrack
EROS Obsession Intro
Naughty Nadya's Halloween Mash 2007 Intro
Task Force Fabulous Warning/Intro

Holiday Clips
Be Festive
Dangerous Snow
Greetings 2006
Greetings 2007
The Gamester's Message
Ticking Gifts

Sixth Anniversary Spots
Agent Crypto
DJ Angel
DJ Castor/Pollux
DJ Cozmic
DJ Crash
DJ Cybrid
DJ Cyclos
DJ Eclipse
DJ Enigma
DJ Logos
One Hit Wonder
DJ Pheonyx
Pretty Hate
DJ Pyrria
DJ Shecky
DJ Steel
DJ Sultry Siren
DJ Templar
DJ Vangelus

Sonnet - Fulgin
Sonnet - Hidden Hero
Sonnet - iApocalypse
Sonnet - iApocalypse Lute
Sonnet - DJ Pyrria

CoH Farewells
DJ Templar's CoH Closure Statement
Dark Seraphim
Detra (Home Sweet Home)
DJ Pheonyx
Planet Girl
Rockford Pennington
Two Accross

Cape Promotions
Kai's Blackbox
DJ Library Search
Global Channel
Supergroup Advertising Service

DJ Steel's Awooga Disclaimer
DJ Templar's PG-13 Warning
DJ Templar's Not Quite PG-13
No Sharp Objects Warning
Winter Jinx's Rated R Warning

Misc Audio
Dee Jay Attercap - Teapot
DJ Shecky and Attercap - MRP Nights
DJ Templar reads Quana and Cozmic's Wedding Vows
Emergency Broadcast System
Fox Facts: Bagpipes
Fox Facts: Bill Mumy
Going Rogue
Invasion of the Mapserver
Wheel of DJs
Vote Shecky and Coz in 2008

The Rikti Singers
As Time Goes By
Bohemian Like You
Got You Babe
Never Gonna Give You Up
Not Roy
Rock and Roll All Nite
Sweet Dreams

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