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The Cape Presents: On Melodious Wings


Part 1 - Download (MP3, 3.7 MB)
Part 2 - Download (MP3, 4.2 MB)
Part 3 - Download (MP3, 4.5 MB)
Part 4 - Download (MP3, 9.2 MB)


Writer: Nimue'
Producer: DJ Enigma
Narrator DJ Templar
Female voices: Winter Jinx
Female voices: DJ Aerial
Male voices: Vangelus


The story

"Boot to the head!"
- Krickette

The story "On Melodious Wings" began as the origin story for Krickette, and chronicles her life from her beginnings as a pampered young girl named Vera Lynn, to her sudden kidnapping and horrifying transformation into the superhero Krickette, and beyond.

The writer, Nimue', published the first segment June 20, 2005 on the official City of Heroes - Virtue forum, and it remains one of Nimue's ongoing writing projects.

[ Original story thread ]

The writer

She wears many roleplay hats, but is perhaps best known as Nimue', a.k.a. Lady Bridget Steward-Weaver, Madame Geist and, of course, Krickette. Her characters are members of a number of supergroups, including the Talons of Freedom, AFAR and Celestial Teen Constellation Force.

Whether she is spontaneously serving tea, spooking you from behind, or busily kicking you in the head, she is one of Virtue's most talented roleplayers.

The audio drama

On Melodious Wings

The audio drama "On Melodious Wings" was first broadcast May 4, 2006 on The Cape during "Melodious," a special show hosted by DJ Enigma as a tribute to Krickette, as well as her player, in celebration of her real-life birthday.

The project was a birthday gift to Nimue' from the participants.

Production was done in secret. Winter Jinx, DJ Aerial and Vangelus recorded voice work, and DJ Templar recorded the narration. DJ Enigma did the editing and final production work, laying down music tracks, added sound effects, spliced all the voice work together, and created four parts of the story.

The drama itself records only the beginnings of what is, after all, a continuing story, so once you are finished listening to it, you are strongly encouraged to read the original.

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